Tradeshow Talks with Cold Jet - SEMICON WEST 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Cold Jet Booth: 2509

Tell us about the company and why you are attending SemiCon West 2018.

Cold Jet is a leader in manufacturing dry ice production systems as well as dry ice cleaning systems. It's a precision cleaning technology.

Which products are you highlighting this year?

We're demonstrating the Micro Clean, which takes a block of solid CO2 and turns it into a microparticle about the size of a grain of sugar, that we are able to accelerate and use to remove many different types of contaminants from different surfaces, without abrading metal.

Which industries will benefit from this product and its features?

Cold Jet has five main markets that it serves. A big part of what we do is clean anything that is made in a press, so, molded products, whether it's plastic, rubber or foundry. These are all made in a tool that needs to be cleaned in a press. We do a lot of cleaning inline in the press and have equipment that would otherwise require disassembly and cause down time.

What are the five markets that Cold Jet serves?

Our main customers are in the food and beverage industry, as dry ice is actually cold enough to kill bacteria. It also sanitizes rubber and plastics, foundry and that's all tool cleaning.

Lastly, we sell to a group called Contractors, who do everything from facility maintenance to commercial and residential projects for mold remediation and paint abatement.

What sets you apart from other dry ice cleaning companies and products on the market?

We invented the technology in the '80s and pioneered it. It now has a global footprint and is a clear market leader in the dry ice cleaning realm.

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