Why Scientific Equipment Manufacturers Should Take Note of SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of online marketing success. Yet few leaders of today’s scientific enterprises have a real understanding of what SEO is.

Those who have heard of SEO often misinterpret its usefulness, relevance, and applications. The sooner key team members adopt a better understanding of SEO, the sooner it can begin to deliver results.

SEO differs from many other marketing techniques for three key reasons:

  • The longer you pursue your SEO strategy, the better the results
  • You can refine and improve your SEO via data that’s captured daily
  • SEO confers competitive advantages others cannot duplicate easily.

Why has SEO had such a bad reputation?

The bad reputation of SEO largely comes down to a lack of knowledge from customers, which was compounded by limited transparency from agencies. Agencies failed to set expectations and the customer couldn’t see what they were paying for. As a result, many agencies lost the trust of many of their clients. The internet has developed a lot since then and trust has largely been restored in SEO as a tool.

Search engines want their users to find the best possible results as quickly as possible

How can Google’s algorithm work for a scientific enterprise?

Google is all about user experience; the search engine wants its users to find the best possible results as quickly as possible.

There are hundreds of potential parameters that Google considers, but they can be broken down and categorized into 2 or 3 main principles.

AZoInsights: 67% of Buyers are relying more on content. More than two thirds of buyers are consuming more Web content. Data captured from a recent marketing survey, AZoNetwork.


When a keyword is searched for, Google will present the websites that are the most relevant to that keyword, and those that are the most popular with others who search similar keywords.

A recent set of data from AZoNetwork showed that across our network we had over 70,000 page one positions in Google.

We also carry over 10,000 articles for our clients, spanning many industries from life science and medical to nanomaterial characterization and surface inspection.

Image Caption: Google.com search results demonstrating relevance - AZoM article in position one.


The most common measures of popularity include increasing the average time on page, reducing bounce rate and achieving more completed actions. Consider how you can add value to the reader to optimize these variables which Google uses.

User Experience

We’ve all been frustrated when a page takes 3+ seconds to load and hit the back button if we don’t like the look of the page. We make snap judgments about whether the page has the answers we are looking for, so make it obvious what the page is about and enhance your UX.

Ensure that your potential customers can find you organically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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About AZoNetwork

Having worked in the Advanced Ceramics industry for over a decade in the 90’s, founder, Dr. Ian Birkby recognized that engineers, designers and scientists often required educating in the potential uses and applications of Advanced Materials before they could utilize them in their products and processes.

This recognition of market demand and the emerging power of the internet led to the launch of our first site, AZoM.com – The A to Z of Materials in 2000.

Although the business has grown significantly to include a range of science, technology, medical and life science platforms, it has always stayed true to its principal aim:

We love telling science, technology and medical stories to people who can make a difference. Everything else follows from that.

Today we tell these stories across all digital platforms to a monthly addressable audience in excess of 5 million unique individuals.

Our customers come from all scientific, technological and medical sectors. Our extensive web footprint and subscriber base allows us to display a measurable return on investment to billion dollar multi-nationals and SME start-ups.

From Content Creation, through targeted distribution to closing the loop with the unique AZoIntel Content Performance analytics platform, AZoNetwork now provides a highly effective Science Marketing Platform based on its own unique Marketing Science.


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