Gas Mixtures Designed for the Air Emissions Industry

Air emissions monitoring is a process that involves the continuous tracking of the concentrations of several gases, including SO2, CO, and NO. All of these gases are known pollutants that can have an impact on human health and invoke a number of environmental hazards, including acid rain.

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Growing concerns regarding the influence of such air emissions on air pollution and the atmosphere have led to more regulation on what types of air emissions monitoring must be in place and the quality with which those measurements need to be made.

Online air emissions monitoring is frequently performed with the help of gas detectors, which can detect the presence of a specific gas and the concentration at which it is present. This concentration is calculated by converting the magnitude of a calibrated electrical signal into a reading.

A series of calibration gases with known concentrations are used to compare the signal level of the equipment being used to monitor air emissions. The EN14181 regulations that regulate air emissions testing further stipulate that the testing procedure must be carried out by an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory.

This calibration must be carried out for each gaseous species of interest for air emissions monitoring.

Testing for multiple gaseous species simultaneously is often more productive and more accurate for air emission detectors. This method of calibration and detector testing involves the use of calibrated gas mixtures, which contain several gases in established concentrations and ratios.

Gas Mixtures

Gas mixtures can be challenging to manufacture yet allow for significantly quicker and simpler calibrations of air emissions monitoring equipment. Inadequately constructed gas mixtures could also cause issues with relative stability among the various constituents.

Air Products is a great solution for companies looking for ISO 17025-compliant gas mixtures for air emissions testing. As one of the major industrial gas suppliers, Air Products offers dependable, long-lasting gas calibration mixtures for air emissions equipment.

All gas mixture products from Air Products come with industry leading stability warranties, they also sell single cylinder mixtures that contain CO2, NO, SO2, and CO. With the use of such mixtures, it is now possible to calibrate and test the whole spectrum of gases relevant to air emissions using just one set of calibration measurements. This results in considerable time and money savings.

Traceability and certification of gas mixtures are crucial components of air emissions monitoring. Air Products' Experis gas line is ideally suited for this; each product that has undergone quality guarantees levels QAL1, QAL2, or QAL3.

The majority of suppliers tend to only provide binary gas mixtures; by providing multi-component mixtures of CO2, NO, SO2, and CO Air Products provides the opportunity to streamline your processes and save money.

In addition to the off-the-shelf gas mixtures, Air Products can work with users to develop custom mixtures for unique air emissions applications using its significant expertise and innovative machinery. Details about certification and traceability are also included.

To learn how its wide selection of custom and standard air emissions gas mixtures can help users save money and how its ultra-high purity gases can enhance air emissions testing, get in touch with Air Products today.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Air Products PLC.

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