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What are the Unique Project Management and Customization Capabilities of OEM Solutions?

insights from industryElnaz FarzadGlobal Sales LeaderKnauerIn this interview, AZoMaterials speaks with KNAUER about the project management capabilities in OEM, customization abilities, and what makes KNAUER OEM solutions unique.

Please can you introduce yourself and your professional background?

My name is Elnaz Farzad. I hold a Master's degree in Physical Chemistry and have several years of experience working in a laboratory with analytical instruments, specifically chromatography and spectroscopy.

For the past five years, I have been primarily involved in sales activities, matching high-end products with the right customers in the liquid chromatography (LC) industry and various other sectors.

Can you list some specific services that KNAUER provides to clients for the development of liquid chromatography solutions?

KNAUER's core values and primary activities revolve around providing the utmost flexibility to meet the needs and budgets of our partners. Whether you are looking for detectors, pumps, or valves, our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product portfolio covers a wide range of sizes and types—spanning from analytical grade components and systems for precision laboratory analysis to semi-preparative and preparative options for scalability.

Our services include high-pressure metering pumps, LC detectors autosamplers, and user-friendly software programs, all designed to enhance your chromatographic and non-chromatographic analysis.

How does KNAUER ensure its products are reliable and adaptable to client needs?

Reliability is an essential aspect that any supplier must ensure for its partners, not only in terms of products but also in terms of business relationships. This is also true for our organization and is taken very seriously.

KNAUER ensures the reliability and adaptability of its products through a strict quality control process that covers all stages from development to production.

I would like to revisit the topic of business relationships at this point, because the feedback we receive from our partners, coupled with our customer-centric approach and commitment to improvement and innovation, help us to ensure an adaptable and reliable product.

Why is a streamlined product and service important to KNAUER?

For our organization, a simplified product and service is essential, as it allows us to operate effectively, reduce costs, and compete in the market. By following common guidelines and principles of efficiency and simplicity, we streamline our operations, reduce unnecessary complexity, and ultimately provide our customers with high-quality goods and services at competitive costs.

This streamlined approach ensures the long-term success of our company by allowing it to adapt to changing market dynamics and maintain its position as a major player in the industry, all while improving customer satisfaction.

In addition to providing products, KNAUER also provides project management services in OEM. Why is this an important part of the company’s catalog of services?

As a company that prides itself on having one of the best OEM businesses, project management holds significant importance. Large-scale projects, above all, rely strongly on accurate alignment and monitoring—aspects that are ensured by competent management procedures.

It is important to be efficient, maintain a high standard of quality, assess and mitigate all risks, adapt the project scope to the partner´s unique needs and, at the end of the day, have a satisfied customer.

KNAUER OEM. The Original.

What is one example of how KNAUER’s project management capabilities impacted innovation in the life science industry?

By bringing together experts from diverse fields, including chemistry, engineering, and software development, we design and develop seamless and highly efficient integrated systems.

Our project management skills have had a profound impact on life science innovation, evident through our expertise in driving collaboration, integrating technical knowledge across disciplines, and delivering integrated systems that enable scientists and researchers to make significant advances in their fields.

What are some advantages of the customization capabilities of OEM solutions?

As OEMs, both we and our partner organizations can leverage the many benefits that come from being able to customize OEM solutions. Customization provides an adaptable and dynamic framework that encourages innovation, collaboration, and product improvement.

What I like about customization is that it makes us better. Our partners, with their innovative ideas, sometimes help us to look at our products more deeply and view them from different angles.

Can you provide an example of how a client can customize their liquid chromatography technology with KNAUER OEM?

Imagine a customer has a system that requires a compact high-pressure switching valve that cannot be used as a stand-alone product and must be integrated into the customer's system. Customization is required.

The housing would have to be removed and the electronics would have to be modified, which may lead to adjustments to the firmware. All of this is discussed with the Research and Development teams on both sides and the project is started.

What are some scenarios that KNAUER OEM products can be customized for?

KNAUER OEM products are renowned for their flexibility and adaptability, proving the ability to customize and meet our partners' specific needs and preferences in different fields.

Such projects can be categorized into different types of customization, from simple adjustments such as changing the housing color, to more complex changes in specifications and design.

Our dedication to adaptability guarantees that our partners can consistently discover the ideal solutions tailored to their specific needs in a variety of circumstances.

KNAUER’s work can be applied to many industries, from bioscience to environmental science, food and feed, and pharmaceuticals. How does this versatility make KNAUER a leader in scientific solutions?

According to a senior consultant, the best market leaders are versatile. For KNAUER, the willingness to adapt and embrace change is key to competing in today’s environment.

About Elnaz

Elnaz Farzad is a highly accomplished professional with over fifteen years of experience in chromatography techniques, business development, and project management. Currently serving as the Global Sales Leader OEM at KNAUER, she excels in B2B strategies, time management, and agile project management.

Elnaz has a proven track record as a team leader, successfully managing key accounts and fostering customer satisfaction. With a background in laboratory engineering and a solid foundation in the sciences, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to her roles.

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH

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