Pattern Recognition System for Flaw Identification in Semiconductor Wafers from NextTechs Technologies

This technology has been developed to inspect semiconductor wafers and identify flaws and features on a nano-technology scale. However, the sensors, algorithms, neural network systems, optics and camera technologies are available for use in a wide variety of applications. Wherever the human eye can be used to recognize and categorize images, there are applications for this pattern recognition technology.

Pattern Recognition Methodology for Flaw Identification in Semiconductor Wafers

The pattern recognition system incorporates discriminant analysis, feature extraction, error estimation, cluster analysis (together sometimes called statistical pattern recognition), grammatical inference and parsing (sometimes called syntactical pattern recognition). It can be integrated into any process requiring identification of defective product or components,

Applications for the Pattern Recognition System

Important application areas for the pattern recognition technology are image analysis, character recognition, speech analysis, man/machine diagnostics, person identification and industrial inspection. There are also a wide range of applications in product manufacturing, nanotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, traffic control, etc.

Pattern Recognition Patent Summary

The owner holds a large portfolio of U.S., Japanese and other patent filings. More than 30 U.S. patents related to various aspects of pattern recognition are available. This patent portfolio is available for exclusive licensing within certain specified fields of use.

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