Friction Welding in the Manufacturing of OEM Chemical Processing Equipment - A Case Study by American Friction Welding


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Applications of Bi-Metal Shaft in Chemical Processing Equipment

The use of chemical processing equipment in bi-metal shaft for positive displacement or centrifugal pump shafts.

Case Study - Increasing Machining Capacity and Reducing Costs of Chemical Pumps

A leading manufacturer of chemical pumps needed to reduce costs and increase machining capacity without compromising corrosive resistance of part or part integrity.

Advantage of Friction Welding in Chemical Processing Equipment

Utilizing The Friction Welding Advantage, American Friction Welding helped the customer realize a 25% cost savings and 20% increase in weld strength by employing the following:

  • Friction Weld Monel 400 ends to 1026 tubing where corrosion-resistant joints are required
  • Increased tensile strength and torque values by 20%
  • Flash removed and ends pre-machined to allow product to flow directly into customer finishing lines, which reduced their throughput time by 25%
  • Full KanBan program reduced customer's inventory by 30% and reduced lead time


American Friction Welding application specialists work closely with you throughout your project. Design engineering assistance, process analysis and testing gives you the ultimate cost solutions. Add comprehensive post-production KanBan inventory and logistical support services and you're surrounded with The Friction Welding Advantage from AFW!

Source: OEM of Chemical Pumps

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