Polished Glass Substrates and Wafers

Bullen single- and double-sided polished glass wafers set the standard for quality for your MEMS and optoelectronic applications.

Typical Properties of Bullen Glass Wafers

Bullen glass wafers exhibit:

  • Surface finish Ra< 15A and TTV < 9 microns
  • Minimal to no sub-surface damage means premium performance for anodic bonding applications and post-polish etching processes
  • Superior flatness and parallelism

Bullen Glass Wafer Materials

Bullen can manufacture glass wafers in materials such as:

  • Pyrex®
  • Schott Borofloat®
  • Hoya SD-2
  • Fused Silica and
  • Quartz

Bullen Glass Wafer Sizes

Sizes of glass wafers range from 2.0”to 8.0”, 50.8 mm to 200 mm, and thicknesses >0.350 mm

Bullen Glass Wafer Edge Finish

Bullen can supply glass wafers with a ground edge with safety bevel.


Ultrasonic cleaning in coin-style packaging is standard (slotted wafer containers available upon request).

Glass Wafer Options

Clean room packaging, semi-standard notches and flats available.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Bullen Ultrasonics Inc.

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