Automotive Appearance Products/Polishes from Xiameter

Automotive appearance products are used to improve shine, durability, to modify water beading or improve the feel of a vehicle. Automotive appearance products and polishes from Xiameter include low-VOC polish, standard shampoo, exterior plastic/rubber enhancers – liquid, interior vinyl protectant, and water-based tire shine.

Prototype Formulation for Polish - Low-VOC Polish

This polish is a detergent-resistant cleaner designed for automotive surfaces. The product exhibits little phase separation and provides easy rub-out, excellent gloss, very good durability, and resistance to detergent washings.

Solvent was replaced with a VOC-exempt silicone solvent, XIAMETER® PMX-0245 Cyclosiloxane, to target a VOC level of 14% for this formula as defined by California A.R.B.

This formula passes five cycles of freeze/thaw stability testing.

Ingredient Weight % Trade Name/Supplier
Phase A
DI water 59.0
Kaopolite® XDA 6.6 Kaopolite, Inc.
Kaopolite® 1152 3.4 Kaopolite, Inc.
Amadol® (Witcamide) WE 1.0 Akzo Nobel
Kerosene/mineral spirits 3.5
XIAMETER® PMX-0245 Cyclopentasiloxane (VOC exempt) 11 Dow Corning Corp.
Sodium chloride 1.0
Phase B
Kerosene/mineral spirits 7.24
Bentone® 38 Thickener 0.6 Rheox, Inc.
Phase C
Dow Corning® 531 Fluid 5.5 Dow Corning Corp.
XIAMETER® OFX-0536 Fluid 1.0 Dow Corning Corp.
Isopropanol .15


  1. Load phase A ingredients in the order shown into a vessel and mix well.
  2. Mix phase B ingredients in a separate container.
  3. Add phase B to the production vessel and mix well.
  4. Add phase C ingredients to the production vessel and mix well.

Typical Properties/Additional Information

After phase A mixing => material forms a thick paste emulsion

After phase B mixing => material is a similar thick paste emulsion

After phase C mixing => alcohols activate Bentone 38 Thickener.

Polish continues to thicken over several days.

Ensure high flow (turnover) mixing exists to prevent the abrasive from settling at the vessel bottom. If agitation is stopped on the mixing vessel during phase A or phase B, Kaopolite XDA Abrasive will settle to the bottom.

Observe precautions for handling XIAMETER® brand products as indicated on the material safety data sheets.

Prototype Formulation for Shampoo

The silicone surfactant provides wetting effects, while the aminofunctional silicone can deposit onto the surface to provide a “top-up” to the polish film for gloss/water repellency.

Ingredient Weight % Trade Name/Supplier
Phase A
1. Sodium lauryl ethoxy sulfate 10.0 Rhodapex ESB 70 FEA/Rhodia Inc.
2. Soft water 78.7
Phase B
3. Makon TD12 5.5 Stepan Co.
4. Coconut diethanolamide 3.5 Ninol 49-CE/Stepan Co.
5. Dow Corning® 2-8035 Emulsion 1.5 Dow Corning Corp.
6. XIAMETER® OFX-0258 Fluid 0.3 Dow Corning Corp.
Phase C
7. Hydroxyethyl cellulose thickener 0.5 Hercules-Aqualon


  1. Dissolve ingredient 1 in ingredient 2. Add phase B ingredients with low-speed mixing until fully dispersed.
  2. Sprinkle in the phase C ingredient and mix until completely dissolved, approximately 60 minutes.
  3. Pour down and package appropriately.

Typical Properties/Additional Information

Suggestion for adjusting the formulation:

  • To improve gloss and color: Incorporate XIAMETER® MEM-0600 Emulsion at 1.0%

Prototype Formulation for Exterior Trim Protection

Exterior Plastic/Rubber Enhancers – Liquid

The combination of an amino-functional silicone fluid and a high viscosity silicone fluid gives a durable film to restore faded bumpers and other trim. Reducing the thickener level enables the product to be packaged in a spray dispenser.

Ingredient Weight % Trade Name/Supplier
1. Water 83.3
2. Dow Corning® 5.7 2-8035 Emulsion Dow Corning Corp.
3. XIAMETER® MEM-0600 Emulsion 10.0 Dow Corning Corp.
4. Cellulose thickener 1.0 Hercules – Aqualon Corp.


  1. Add ingredients 1–3 in the order listed to an appropriate vessel, while mixing at low speed.
  2. Slowly add ingredient 4 to the vessel. Mix for 30 minutes, or until the product is completely dissolved and no lumps are present.

Typical Properties/Additional Information

Suggestions for adjusting the formulation:

  • To improve durability: Increase the level of Dow Corning 2-8035 Emulsion and/or replace XIAMETER® MEM-0600 Emulsion with Dow Corning® HV 495
  • To improve leveling: Add XIAMETER® MEM-1665 Emulsion or XIAMETER® MEM-0349 Emulsion or XIAMETER® MEM-0346 Emulsion
  • To improve wetting: Add 0.5% of Dow Corning® 2-5211 or Sylgard® 309 AV09029

Prototype Formulation for Interior Protection

Vinyl Protectant

This formulation is a vinyl surface protectant that may be used on various soft surfaces such as vinyl, leather, rubber, and plastics to impart gloss.

Ingredient Weight % Trade Name/Supplier
1. Water 79.1
2. Hydroxyethyl cellulose 0.8 Cellosize® QP4400H/The Dow Chemical Co.
3. XIAMETER® MEM-0039 Emulsion or XIAMETER® MEM-0036 Emulsion 20 Dow Corning Corp.
4. Kathon™ LX 0.1 Rohm & Haas Co.


  1. Add ingredient 2 to ingredient 1 and stir to achieve a transparent solution.
  2. Add ingredient 3 and stir for 10 minutes.
  3. Add ingredient 4 and stir for 10 minutes more.

Typical Properties/Additional Information

Directions: The final product can be applied by spray or with a damp cloth. This product should not be applied on floors or on vehicle controls.

Prototype Formulation for Tire Care

Water-Based Tire Shine

This formulation is a water-based tire shine.

Ingredient Weight % Trade Name/Supplier
Water 67.95
Tween® 80 0.70 Croda/Uniqema
Span® 80 0.50 Croda/Uniqema
Propylene glycol 4.00
XIAMETER® MEM-1665 Emulsion 18.00 Dow Corning Corp.
Dow Corning® 2-8035 Emulsion 1.00 Dow Corning Corp.
Sodium benzoate 0.20
Dow Corning® 2210 Emulsion 0.15 Dow Corning Corp.
XIAMETER® MEM-0600 Emulsion 7.00 Dow Corning Corp.
Sylgard® 309 Surfactant 0.50 Dow Corning Corp.
TOTAL 100.00


Mix ingredients in the order listed with low stirring and add them slowly.

About Xiameter

In 2000, Dow Corning was facing an increasing number of competitors around the world that were getting into the standard silicones business. At the same time, for a growing customer segment called “price- seekers” who needed little or no service attached to the products, price had become the driving force.

Dow Corning needed to defend their position as a provider of innovative silicon-based materials and solutions (which, for the most part, came bundled and priced together). Dow Corning knew that they needed to find a better way to meet customers’ needs exactly.

It was time for a game-changing strategy – one that would simultaneously:

  • Meet customer needs for efficient, cost-effective silicone products
  • Empower Dow Corning to continue to innovate and grow the silicones market overall

Dow Corning decided the best way to take advantage of the potential in the mature market segment, without detracting from the value of the Dow Corning offering, would be to create a separate brand. This brand would offer a clearly defined value proposition and set of products via a web-enabled platform to provide competitive pricing.

The product set would be a wide range of standard silicone products generally thought of as “commodities” by customers. These standard products would be – and still are – manufactured by Dow Corning.

The tone would be “no frills” – just straightforward business terms and conditions, high-quality products, a reliable supply, and market-driven prices. Short. Sweet. To the point.

Defining success (2002-2009)

With the launch of the XIAMETER® brand in March 2002, Dow Corning revolutionized the way they do business. Specialty silicone products, service and solutions continued as part of the business under the Dow Corning® brand. The XIAMETER brand met the needs of “price-seekers” who purchased standard silicone products.

The global drive to find greater efficiencies in business through a web-enabled business model worked in their favor. It helped Dow Corning maximize productivity and reduced human error, while keeping costs competitive for customers. Rather than cannibalizing the Dow Corning brand as some feared, the XIAMETER® brand made it stronger. The two brands worked in harmony, helping increase Dow Corning’s financial results dramatically during this period.

Between 2002 and 2009, the XIAMETER® brand was a web-enabled business with clear business rules, offering commonly used standard silicones at transparent, market-driven prices. However, those business rules only allowed for large-volume orders. There was no technical service. Lead times ran 7-20 days.

Expanding the model (2009-present)

In 2009, Dow Corning expanded the XIAMETER® business model – for the same reason we launched it in the first place – to meet customer needs based on smart customer segmentation analysis. Xiameter saw a need for all customers – not just large-volume buyers – to be able to purchase standard silicone products at market-based prices. Based on the success of the original Xiameter model, company leaders were confident expanding the model would work – both for customers and Dow Corning. And it did!

The XIAMETER® business model, which was expanded in June 2009 and expanded again in 2011, now offers thousands of standard silicone products. Plus, the model is no longer for large-volume customers only. There are more volume-quantity options. With the Xiameter transparent price tiers, customers can choose the pricing most appropriate for them based on the volumes they need. They can purchase multiple items within a product family and receive greater discounts. They can lock in price and volume commitments through an online supply agreement. They also can choose credit terms that work best for them, which can be varied each time they order. Plus, customers who need smaller quantities, shorter lead times or more flexible ordering options can have them – by purchasing XIAMETER® brand products through local distributors.

With today’s XIAMETER® brand, customers can get all the standard silicones they need in the way that works best for them. Whatever they want. Wherever and however they want it. In a world of traffic jams, on-hold music and long supermarket lines, we think it’s a great option.

Source: Xiameter.

For more information on this source, please visit Xiameter.

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