Advancing Industry's Business via Laboratory Analyses of Metals and Alloys

RJ Lee Group has launched the Automated Steel Cleanliness Analysis Tool (ASCAT) that enables its clients to assess steel quality by differentiating individual inclusions with real-time results. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) have presented an award for this innovation. Applications of ASCAT technology applications comprise examinations of high-grade tin products, steel bars, plates, and sheets, pipes, specialty alloys and steels, welding rods, and tire cords where crucial control of natural or engineered inclusions is required.

RJ Lee Group is capable of carrying out Phase Diagram calculations for particular alloys. These diagrams can help simplify and speed up alloy development initiatives, and at the same time make them more economical for clients by cutting down the number of trial and error tests. Scientists at RJ Lee Group employ these diagrams so that manufacturers can adjust heat treatment and alloy chemistry to improve the properties of alloys or to meet the required design mix of product specification.

Turn-Key Analyses

RJ Lee Group provides data interpretation and technical support to its clients and prevents the requirement for an in-house laboratory. The company’s scientists recognize the optimum methods that range from fragile etching and cross- sectioning to measure tiny inclusions, to analysis of alloy coatings. Some of the techniques include microscopy, full-service metallography laboratory, welding analysis, chemical analysis, non-destructive evaluations, and corrosion.

Microscopy technique involves optical microscopy for microstructural analysis, stereo-microscope for fractography and surface assessment, and scanning electron microscopy for fracture surface assessment, phase identification and local chemistry; in full-service metallography laboratory, processes such as sample cross sectioning, cutting, drilling, mounting, grinding and polishing, etching and hardness testing are carried out; chemical and welding analyses involve filler metal selection, microstructural development, alloy development and failure analysis; non-destructive evaluations include dye penetration, magnetic particle inspection, impact echo and radiography; and corrosion includes exanimation and testing and selection of materials for a corrosive environment.

RJ Lee Group’s Contributions to Metallurgical Literature

RJ Lee Group’s recent contributions to metallurgical literature comprise a chapter on welding superaustenitic stainless steel in the American Welding Society Handbook, and two chapters in the ASM Handbook Volume 9 Metallurgy and Microstructure.


RJ Lee Group experts provide data interpretation and technical support to solve client problems. The company has the technology and knowledge to analyze clients’ material and provides them with meaningful results.

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