Brett Smith

Brett Smith

Feature Writer

B.A. Journalism

Brett Smith is an American freelance writer with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Buffalo State College and has 8 years of experience working in a professional laboratory.

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Initially starting out his professional life as a laboratory technician working in private industry, Brett began to realize his innate skills were more suited to working with words, rather than numbers. He pursued a degree in journalism and after graduation began growing his career as a freelance writer, after many years of successful work in a laboratory setting. Eventually, he was able to establish his own freelance business and focus on specializing his writing in a few areas; mostly science journalism, food, and business culture.

He continues to relish any opportunity to combine his dual passions of creative writing and scientific research.

Brett has also found himself writing quite a lot about dining, food, and drink. One freelance gig with a local entertainment website resulted in the local paper asking for restaurant reviews. He then landed a freelance gig with start-up company covering beer, wine, and cocktail trends. Covering these topics offers a welcome change of pace from scientific writing, not to mention the perfect excuse to indulge in life-affirming food and drink. This work has happily fuelled his own personal cooking and mixology journeys.

Being a life-long resident of Buffalo, New York has shaped Brett’s worldview and informed his writing. Like most cities around the Great Lakes, Buffalo has a past filled with industrial might and decades of decline. In recent years, the city has seen a massive resurgence, powered in part by an expanding medical campus and world-class cancer research centre.

As a Buffalonian, Brett also is proud to be a long-suffering Bills and Sabres fan, still waiting for one team or the other to lift a championship trophy.

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