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Polymers in Electronics

Polymers in Electronics

Designers of electrical and electronic components have a wide choice of polymers at their disposal - cost is a prime consideration but competition in the market place is imposing ever more stringent specification criteria on the equipment designer who, in turn, is demanding significantly improved performance from his polymer supplier. This report lists the most commonly polymers used with brief notes on their properties.

This report seeks to provide an overall picture of the varied use of polymers in the manufacture of electronic components. It has endeavoured to identify trends and future movements of the market.

The pattern of polymer usage has changed and material formulations have had to be modified to conform with new European Union (EU) legislation relating to the use of hazardous materials in components. Furthermore there is now far more emphasis on recycling rather than landfill disposal and these are issues covered in the report.

This report will be of interest to all those involved in using polymers to produce electronic components and to those who provide the raw materials for the production.

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