Organic Crystals, Liquid Crystals and Polymers

Organic Crystals, Liquid Crystals and Polymers

A complete new edition on ferroelectrics, Landolt-Börnstein volume III/36, is required by the growing number of publications and increasing amount of valuable data after the publication of volume III/16 (1981) and its supplement III/28 (1990). As the range of the compiled data is very extensive, volume III/36 is divided into three subvolumes titled III/36A Oxides, III/36B Inorganic substances other than oxides, III/36C Organic crystals, liquid crystals and polymers. Subvolume III/36C on organic crystals, liquid crystals and polymers is presented herewith.

Volume III/36 contains revised, updated and extended information on ferroelectrics, antiferroelectrics and closely related substances. All reliable data on both pure compounds and solid solutions are critically evaluated and included. Besides of the dielectric and ferroelectric behavior, a number of other properties relevant to the characterization of the substances are presented in tables and figures.

Subvolume III/36C consists of a printed version and an electronic version on CD-ROM. All the compiled data can be found on the CD-ROM. Abundance and diversity of the data, however, makes it difficult to overview the relevant research field, and thus the printed version is designed to survey the present status of ferroelectrics research and to grasp the contents of the CD-ROM. When printed the complete information of part III/36C alone would cover already nearly 1500 pages.

Written for:
Scientists and researchers in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Geology


  • crystal structure
  • dielectric properties
  • domains
  • elastic properties
  • electrical conduction
  • electromechanical properties
  • ferroelctric and antiferroelectric substances
  • lattice constants
  • magnetic properties
  • optical properties
  • organic and liquid crystals
  • piezoelectricity
  • polymers
  • solid solution
  • thermal properties
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