Fundamentals of Engineering Online Subject Review: Material Science

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Organiser: Fundamentals of Engineering Online Subject Review: Material Science
Start Date:
September 26, 2008

What you will learn: This online self-study module is a basic review of the FE Material Science topic. A complete FE Review Self- Assessment is also included. Who should enroll: Engineers planning to take the FE Exam or who need to brush up on Material Science. How you will benefit: Review basic knowledge of Material Science. Test your knowledge with self-assessments. Course Topics: Classes of materials: Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites and Semiconductors. Calculation of degree of polmerization; Cross Linking Polymers (Thermoset); Semi-conductors: N-type and P-type; Stress and Strain, Tensile Stress-Strain Curves; Face Centered Cubic Crystal Structure (FCC); Defects: line, point, area, volume; Dislocations: Edges, Screw and Mixed Edge; Miller Indices; Crystallographic directions; Diffusion; Fickes First Law; Fickes Second Law; Alloys; Hardenability; Thermal processing; Grain size; Corrosion: oxidation, reduction. Self-assessments: Material Science and All FE Exam Topics. Module duration: This course will be available to you for three months from the date you received your logon info. Computer requirement: PC with broadband Internet connection, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint recommended.

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