Corrosion of Metals

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Organiser: Corrosion of Metals
Industrial Metallurgists, LLC.
6 hours
Start Date:
October 18, 2011

Corrosion of Metals teaches about aqueous corrosion of metallic materials. The general physics of corrosion is discussed to provide a background for the discussion of seven common types of corrosion (uniform, galvanic, crevice, pitting, intergranular, stress corrosion cracking, and dealloying). Students will learn why and how corrosion occurs and methods for controlling corrosion. These methods include mechanical design, materials selection, manufacturing control, and control of the environment.References of textbooks and handbooks for more information are also provided. This is a 0.6 CEU course that can be completed in about 6 hours.

Target Audience

The Corrosion of Metals course is suited to design engineers, manufacturing engineers and quality engineers


The Corrosion of Metals course is divided into 10 modules. There is a quiz after each module.The modules are:

  1. Introduction to electrochemical corrosion
  2. Aqueous corrosion
  3. Uniform corrosion
  4. Galvanic corrosion
  5. Crevice corrosion
  6. Pitting corrosion
  7. Intergranular corrosion
  8. Stress corrosion cracking
  9. Dealloying
  10. Course review

Within most of the modules there are practice problems for students. These are stretch problems that give students an opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned in the course.


Knowledge of the following concepts: grains, grain boundaries, crystal lattice, substitutional solid solution, diffusion, phases, precipitation, precipitation hardening, microstructure, tensile testing. All these are taught in our Principles of Metallurgy course if you have never learned these concepts or took them in a course a long time ago and need a refresher.

Technology Requirements

High speed internet access and capability to run flash files are required

Course Objective

The Corrosion of Metals course learning objectives are:

  1. List the four parts of a corrosion cell
  2. Explain the anode and cathode reactions that occur in a corrosion cell
  3. Describe the seven common types of corrosion that occur in metals
  4. List at least one significant metallurgical or mechanical design factor that influences corrosion rate for each of type of corrosion.
  5. Distinguish between different types of corrosion by appearance
  6. Explain the mechanism for the different types of corrosion
  7. Identify at least one method for controlling the corrosion rate for each of the seven types of corrosion.
  8. Identify at least 4-5 reference books about corrosion and corrosion of specific materials.
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