CS844 Series Elemental Analyzer for Measurement of Carbon/Sulfur

The CS844 elemental analyzer from LECO is particularly designed for broad-range measurement of sulfur and carbon content of ceramics, ores, metals, and other inorganic materials utilizing the combustion method. LECO’s unique MS Windows-based software, combined with a boom-mounted touch interface, provides users with complete access to analysis settings, instrument control diagnostics, reporting, etc., without compromising on bench space.

Key Features

The product features of the CS844 Series Elemental Analyzer are:

Superior IR Cell Design

  • Dual-detector configuration for sulfur and carbon
  • Increased precision for accurate results
  • Improved stability during use and lifetime of the cell
  • Can be easily interchanged and includes drop-and-go capabilities.

Reliable Automation

  • Automatic combustion tube service and exchange system
  • 10- and 60-position shuttle loaders or integrated robotic process loaders are available
  • Highly efficient auto-cleaner/vacuum system reduces maintenance.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Temperature-controlled and pressure-compensated gas dose system
  • Boom-mounted touch interface offers better ergonomics and intuitive operation
  • Innovative flowpath plumbing reduces connections to make/break/leak
  • Can be used with SmartLine Remote Diagnostics.

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