Semi-Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter - AC600

The AC600 is a Semi-Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter for Gross Calorific Content.
The AC600 sets the standard for future calorimetry instruments. Its semi-automated operation, combined with the use of thermodynamic TruSpeed®, obtains a rapid analysis of calorific content and increased instrument throughput without sacrificing accuracy or instrument precision. A new, ergonomically designed, lightweight combustion vessel assures ease of operation while greatly reducing operator strain.


  • Automated features enhance productivity
  • 5.5-minute analysis times possible, without compromising accuracy or precision
  • Integrated vessel charging and depressurization ports equipped with quick-release handles to speed vessel charging and depressurization process
  • Intuitive Windows®-based software provides virtually unlimited storage space, simplified data handling, and compatibility with various Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS

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