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Combustion Infrared Detection Technique - 744 Series

LECO's 744 Series definitely has the necessary features to redefine the way carbon and sulfur in metals, ores and other inorganic materials are commonly determined. What makes the instrumentation so innovative is the immersive software platform that increases the usability and lowers the cost-per-analysis. Also, extensive customer feedback and inventive engineering help redefine the determination of materials.

Variable power combustion furnace, improved IR cell design, rugged design, and available automation are some of the additional features that make the CS744 a useful resource for any industrial environment that needs precise analysis of carbon and/or sulfur.

Cornerstone® Mobile option provides access to data, plots, and instrument status from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.


  • Dust and debris are kept contained with high-velocity vacuum
  • Optional 10- and 60-sample autoloaders available for hours of undisturbed operation

Improved IR Cell Design

  • Increased isolation from temperature fluctuations is provided by the temperature stabilized construction
  • Optimized emitter control with and detection circuitry improves IR cell lifetime and long-term stability

Optional Packaging

Monitor: Includes a six-axis boom mounted touch-screen for improved ergonomics

Auto Cleaner: This feature is an upgrade of the manual cleaner and manual combustion tube removal systems of the automatic versions. It increases the safety and reduces the downtime.

Performance: Add the incoming carrier gas purifier and scrubber and heated flow controller for improved baseline stability and precision

Performance Sulfur: Thermally stabilized flow controller substitutes the standard flow controller, which ensures improvement in the baseline stability and precision on sulfur only models

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