Advanced Grinder/Polisher - PX400/PX500

The grinder/polisher series stresses ease-of-use while providing extremely flat specimens which are ideal for microstructural or micro-hardness during the next sample step. Created with the latest technology, the PX400/PX500 gives a safe, efficient, and reliable grinding/polishing solution employing a number of user-friendly innovative features.


  • Bright LEDs guarantee that the work area is appropriately lit, and automatically turns off when not in use.
  • Automatic bowl wash system using a spiral bowl design avoids drain clogs.
  • Slow indexing of the wheel followed by cycle run for easy removal of the mount.
  • Individual sample feature offers slow rotation of holder for loading the mount easily.
  • Emergency Stop Button, situated just below touchscreen, for quickly halting grinding operation.
  • Energy-efficient induction motors and AC drives support smooth acceleration for any specimen.
  • Twenty in-built proven methods, and scope for creation or download of more, if needed.
  • Rugged electronic and structural parts are made to endure the toughest situations.
  • Models provide both individual and fixed sample procedures.


  • A responsive graphics and a brilliant multi-touch display eases operation.
  • Delivery of consistent suspensions and extenders employing up to five programmable metered fluid dispensers to fulfill every polishing objective.
  • Flexible and robust structure.

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