Protein, Carbon, and Nitrogen Determinator - 828 Series

The 828 Series from LECO comprises advanced hardware and an onboard, touch-screen software platform to allow users to easily handle a broad range of sample applications. The key capabilities and performance of earlier generations of LECO macro combustion instruments have been retained, while crucial improvements have been made in uptime, throughput, and reliability. Macro sample mass capability coupled with cycle times as quick as 2.8 minutes make the 828 a perfect instrument for a varied applications base, while delivering unmatched sample analysis throughput.

Users are updated via their smartphone by the Cornerstone Mobile remote software regarding the instrument’s analysis batch progress, status, and performance while away.


Maximize Lab Efficiency and Productivity with Unmatched Sample Throughput Coupled with Superior Instrument Uptime

  • Fast cycle time of 2.8 minutes
  • Lengthy reagent lifetimes, including a reduction reagent tube lifetime of more than 4,000 samples
  • Sturdy 30 sample autoloader with an optional expanded capacity to handle up to 120 samples

Application Versatility with Superior Uptime

  • Quartz dual-stage furnace with special oxygen environment guarantees total combustion of macro samples with maximum temperature up to 1050 °C
  • Large, porous crucible enables macro sample combustion and spreads out maintenance intervals
  • Thermal conductivity cell allows the flexibility of using either argon or helium as a carrier gas without a hardware switch
  • Dual loop aliquot doser (available in FP828 performance and CN model), provides the flexibility to enhance techniques based upon sample element concentration (low/high), or analysis uptime and cost

Low Operating Cost

  • Reagent-free primary and secondary furnace removes the downtime and cost of furnace reagent refill
  • Thermoelectric cooler removes the usage of chemical desiccant reagents for the elimination of combustion gas moisture
  • Combustion gas aliquot system provides an extended and reliable reagent lifetime irrespective of sample mass, carbon content, or matrix, including a 4000 sample reduction tube reagent lifetime

Protein, Carbon, and Nitrogen Determinator - 828 Series

828 Series - Picture 1
Maximize lab efficiency and productivity with unmatched sample throughput coupled with superior instrument uptime
Application Versatility with Superior Uptime

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