Air/Nitrogen Lab Evaporator - FlexiVap™ from Glas-Col

The FlexiVap™ Work Station is a new line of air/nitrogen evaporators developed by Yongson Huang of Brown University and licensed or manufactured by Glas-Col. This system is unique due to the ability to close or open each position by turning the knobs on the manifold , also the rack and pinion lab stand.

Key Features

The key features of the FlexiVap are:

  • A single manifold suits all standard size vials
  • Easy closure of any manifold position
  • Reduced nitrogen consumption
  • Complete even flow rates to all ports
  • Cost effective compared with existing models currently on the market


The FlexiVap helps research in the following areas:

  • Environmental organic analysis
  • Organic analytical chemistry
  • Petroleum analysis
  • Food chemistry
  • Forensic organic analysis
  • Organic geochemistry, and any science research that requires solvent reduction.


The accessories of the FlexiVap include:

  • Small system inserts
  • Needles
  • Large system inserts
  • Heat block

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