Digital Rotator for Automatic or Timed Laboratory Mixing from Glas-Col

The new digital rotator offers the same brushless control technology, which is found in many of the company’s new generation of mixers. In case timed events or automation is needed, this mixer can solve a number of lab issues. Several types of vials or tubes can be placed on the large disk provided. Furthermore, custom designed disks are available for most other types of containers.

Variable speed adjusts the mixing action from a gentle slosh to rapid agitation. Drive by a continuous-duty motor, it can stand up to demanding schedules and long hours of operation. One thumbscrew permits easy changing of heads. Containers remain visible during rotating. The sturdy, stable, well balanced and compact base handles substantial loads.

Key Features

The key features of the new digital rotator are:

  • Membrane switch user interface (4-button)
  • Optional Labnetix® software for PC control and real time data acquisition
  • Disk is fixed at a 20° angle
  • Variable speed control
  • Size: 17"w x 16"d x 18"h
  • Micro-processor based control technology
  • Speed 5 to 83rpm, Speed Display Resolution: .1rpm
  • 4 line back lit LCD display
  • Built in digital timer (seconds: 1-60, minutes: 1-60, hours: 1-24)
  • Communication port (USB)


The applications of the digital rotator are:

  • Mixing, re-suspending, homogeneous mix, automation
  • Glas-Col can also make different heads for bottles and racks

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