Rolling Mixer for Laboratory or Industrial Applications from Glas-Col

The Glas-Col roller is designed for laboratory or industrial use with loads up to 100lbs. Two 5-gallon industrial containers, six 1-gallon cans, or 8-quart can/jars are accommodated in the heavy-duty construction. In addition it can roll any size bottle 4-1/4" diameter and larger. The system includes a heavy-duty DC brushless motor and state of the art brushless control technology. The front user interface allows the customer to control speed, time and choose up to 4 different container sizes for rpm preference. These are:

  • 5 gallon: 20 rpm max
  • 2 gallon: 55 rpm max
  • 1 gallon: 38 rpm max
  • 1 quart: 58 rpm max

Key Features

The key features of the rolling mixer are:

  • 4-line back-lit LCD display
  • Built-in digital timer (seconds: 1-60, minutes 1-60, hours 1-24)
  • Communication port (USB)
  • User-friendly membrane switch interface (4-button)
  • Optional software for real time data acquisition, Labnetix
  • USB high-speed interface is available with Labnetix® software where you can create your own run recipe and record parameters.

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