Laboratory Process Modular Mixers from Glas-Col

The modular mixers from Glascol are affordable and can be customized or automated for a range of thermal blocks or racks. The mixers perform low or high-speed orbital mixing, with homing position and ensure repeatable mixing results. It is possible to interface the mixers with a number of systems through USB commands or 2 contact closures on the back of the mixer.

Key Features

The key features of the laboratory process modular mixers are:

  • Micro-processor based control technology
  • Speed 100 to 1000 rpm (depends on load)
  • Communication port (USB), 2 contact closures & front panel digital interface
  • Soft Start/Stop of motor
  • Orbital offset .070"

The company’s stand-alone modular mixer with variable speed operation has all the same performance features as the company’s standard mixers. While operating by the contact closure, the mixer is run at the programmed speed and the unit homes when the contact is open if activated. A thermal block for heating and cooling can be added.


Applications include solution phase synthesis when a good heterogeneous solution mixture is required such as biotechnology, combinatorial chemistry and process development. They find applications in:

  • 96-well plates
  • Test tube racks
  • Combinatorial reaction blocks
  • Micro Reactors
  • Scintillation vials
  • Most any type of mixing application

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