Digital Pulse Solvent Mixer with Concentrator/Evaporator from Glas-Col

The system is developed to rapidly concentrate or evaporate solvents by both heating the sample bottom and the incoming nitrogen. Each position is furnished with an individual orifice for the best possible delivery of gas. The pulsing feature enables a solvent film to be thrown on the sidewall and then the vortex collapses. The vortex is then created again and the process continues until the concentration level is achieved providing the quickest method of evaporation.

Key Features

The key features of the digital pulse solvent mixer are:

  • Pulse mode with selectable settings
  • Timer (Sec 1-60, Min 1-60, Hours 1-24)
  • Optional PC control software
  • Orbital offset .070"
  • Chemical resistant foam on top and driveplate
  • Speed 150 to 800 rpm Speed Display Resolution: 0.1 RPM, Speed Setting Increment: 10 RPM
  • Set point temperature for Manifold (80°C) and Bottom Blocks (105°C) Max


The applications of the digital pulse solvent mixer are:

  • Removal of solvents
  • Concentration of samples in various tubes or vials

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