Large Capacity Electromagnetic Stir Mantle from Glas-Col

The electromagnetic stir mantle has the power to mix volumes as large as 72L with a magnetic motor. The series TM stir mantle adds electromagnetic stirring to the TM series heating mantle for spherical flasks. The magnetic field is created and synchronized by StirControl.

Key Features

The key features of the Stir Mantle are:

  • Heating and stirring are independent.
  • Rigid housing offers strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel
  • Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels to bring down the chance of thermal shock and damage to glassware
  • Withstands 400°C internal operating temperature
  • Feet on smaller sizes developed to provide stability and promote cooler exterior temperatures
  • Electrical: 5 to 22l has a separable 4 foot 3 wire cord and locking connector
  • Electrical: 50 and 72l are equipped with thermal box for hard wiring of incoming power
  • Speed: 100-1850rpm

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