XRF Consumables for Pellet Prep and Sample Grinding

Specac offers Chemplex Industries’ Liquid-Binder® – an aqueous grinding and briquetting agent developed for XRF sample preparation. It is suitable for powdered samples that lack briquette forming constituents. Using the Liquid-Binder®, the sample is blended to form a homogenous slurry and the carrier is later evaporated prior to grinding. This is subsequently formed into a briquette in the usual way.

It is to be noted that Liquid-Binder® contains methylene chloride and should only be used in a well-ventilated area. Inhalation and contact should be avoided. Customers are requested to send for MSDS before purchase.

Spectroblend for XRF

Specac supplies Chemplex Industries’ SpectroBlend® – a grinding and briquetting agent meant for XRF sample preparation. This is suited for grinding and blending XRF samples, and also acts as a diluent for high sample concentrations. The SpectroBlend® can grind most samples, with suitability for samples requiring extended grinding cycles in metallic dishes or vials. It is available in preweighed tablets and build powder.

XRF SpectroMix Powder

Specac offers Chemplex Industries' SpectroMix® powder – a grinding and briquetting agent developed for preparing XRF samples. The powder has properties between those of SpectroBlend® and X-Ray Mix®. It resists ‘caking’ during grinding, and ensures moderately ‘plasticized’ surfaces. It is generally cleaned up with a dry paper towel.

X-ray Mix XRF Grinding Agent

Specac offers Chemplex Industries' X-Ray Mix® – a general purpose grinding and briquetting agent developed for XRF sample preparation. This is perfect for grinding XRF samples of moderate hardness in relatively short times, and leads to XRF sample pellets that are strongly bonded together. X-Ray Mix® is available in preweighed tablets.

X-ray Flux

A range of FusionFlux® options are available and all are SpectroCertified®.

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