Seeing life in Short Wave Infrared

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Organiser: Quantum Design UK and Ireland Seeing life in Short Wave Infrared
Location: Online
Date: August 25, 2020

SWIR is becoming a very important wavelength range in the photonics industry. Lots of advances are now being made beyond visible light into short wave infrared.

In this webinar, Mark Donaghy, VP Sales & Marketing at Raptor will initially give a brief overview of Raptor Photonics and its SWIR heritage. He will then spend some time looking at InGaAs / SWIR sensor and camera technology and then focus on a broad and growing range of applications that Raptor customers have benefited from using Raptor SWIR cameras.

Who Should Attend

This webinar should be attended by people interested in finding out more about Raptor Photonics and its range of industry leading SWIR cameras. It will also give people an overview of SWIR camera technology, the effects of NUC and cooling on SWIR cameras and will then offer a broad overview of applications where SWIR cameras will provide an advantage.


Mark Donaghy, VP Sales and Marketing

About Raptor

The infrared (IR) part of the spectrum is defined as electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves. Short Wave Infrared Radiation can only be detected by dedicated sensors, such as InGaAs. Although light in the shortwave infrared region is not visible to the eye, this light interacts with objects in a similar manner as visible wavelengths. Therefore, images from an InGaAs camera are comparable to visible images in resolution and detail.

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