Prof Roy Faulkner

Professor of Physical Metallurgy

Loughborough University, Department of Materials

Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1509) 223153
Email: [email protected]


Professor Faulkner spent 4 years working at Inco Europe after gaining his PhD. He then joined Loughborough as a Lecturer. Since then he has been Programme Manager for the Undergraduate programmes; setting up the Materials Engineering programme in 1991. He has wide research interests in nuclear materials, high temperature materials, analytical electron microscopy, and modelling activities. He is Past-President of the East Midlands Metallurgical Society, Chairman of the IOM3 Publications Committee, and past Chairman of the IOM3 Younger Members Committee. He is also Chairman of the Midlands Microanalysis Group.


Visiting Professor at University of Seville, Spain. Receives annually approximately £400,000 of research funding from the Research Councils and Industry.

Research Interests and Activities

Stability of materials in nuclear fission and fusion environments. Relation of grain boundary structure to properties Prediction of intergranular stress corrosion cracking behaviour High temperature materials Modelling of phase transformations Modelling of grain boundary segregation and precipitation Modelling of fatigue in steels Control of grain boundary strength through structural alteration Transmission electron microscopy Ultra high resolution microanalysis High spatial resolution microanalysis Modelling of phase stability in materials at high temperatures. Supervises a research group of 3 post-docs and 4 research students.

Major Qualifications

BSc, PhD(Cambridge), DSc, FIM, CEng.

Major Publications

  • ‘Simulations of Precipitation in Ferritic Steels’, Simulations of Precipitation in Ferritic Steels’, Faulkner RG, Yin Y. Materials Science and Technology, 19[1], 91-98, (2003).
  • ‘Grain Boundary Segregation and Fracture’ Faulkner RG, Zeitschrift fur Metallkunde, 96[10], 1213-1218, (2005).
  • ‘Continuum Damage Mechanics Modelling based on Simulations of Microstructural Evolution Kinetics’ Faulkner RG, Materials Science and Technology, 22[8], 929-936, (2006).
  • ‘Grain Boundary Impurity Segregation and Neutron Irradiation Effects in Ferritic Alloys’, Faulkner RG , Flewitt PEJ, Jones RB, Lu Z. Philosophical Magazine, 85[19], 2065-2099 (2005).

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