Dr Dick Heath

Senior Lecturer

Department of Materials Science

Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (0) 1509223337
Fax: 44 (0) 1509223949
Email: [email protected]


  • Polyurethane technology. Reaction processing. Epoxides. Recycling.
  • Polymer surface and interface science and technology.
  • Leather and gelatine products.
  • Materials for rapid manufacture.

Major Qualifications

Dick spent 15 years in industry in senior technical managerial positions in R&D and production development. He has spent over 25 years as an academic, teaching and researching polymers at Loughborough.

  • MSc 1973
  • PhD 1977
  • MIMM 1995
  • CS 2005

Major Publications

  • Y. Di, R.J. Heath, A. Long and K. Hartnung, ''Comparison of the Tanning Abilities of some Epoxides and Aldehydic Compounds'', Journal of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists, 90, May 2006
  • L. Hao, M. M. Savalani, Y. Zhang, K. E. Tanner, R. J. Heath and R. A. Harris, ''Characterisation of Selective Laser Sintered Hydroxyapatite Based Biocomposite Structure'', Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, 463(2084), August 2007
  • D. Ying, R. J. Heath, “Collagen Stabilisation by TEAC Polymer Degradation and Stability”, July 2009 (electronic), in press.
  • D. Bunyan, R. J. Heath, J. R. Tyrer, “Investigation into the effects of Powder Particle Size on the Resulting Degree of Fusion of Selective Laser Sintered Polymers”, 28th International Congress: Applications of Lasers and Electro-optics, Orlando, Florida, Nov 2009.

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