Dr Philip Harrison


Almatt Materials Technology

512 Denby Dale Road West
Calder Grove, Wakefield
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1924) 267868
Fax: 44 (1924) 267868
Email: [email protected]


My greatest skill is acting as an applications facilitator. I have the ability to take research based projects and convert them into practical shop floor operations.

My major skills lie in surface engineering which is, I feel, an under utilised area within industry probaly due to lack of education in the subject and the use of Boron Carbide reinforced Metal Matrix Composites. The recent achievements involve the rectification of a cracking problem on the front landing gear of a passenger aircraft and the design of equipment for in situ re-engineering and the surface engineering of replacement joints.

Major Qualifications

B.Sc Hons Metallurgy

Ph.D. Ceramics

Significant Employment History

12 years as a shop floor metallurgist carrying out R & D and troubleshooting within foundries, forges, rolling mills, and metal fabrication facilities.

This was followed by 4 years R & D and 10 years in materials sales.

Almatt was established as a practical materials problem solving company in early 2001 and has established a significant client list to date.

Services Offered

Advice on materials selection and remedy of surface based problems such as wear and corrosion.

Commercial Details

Fee Charging structure and rates

I will answer general telephone and Email questions FOC unless a significant amount of time (eg 1 hour) is spent on the problem. I then base my costs on half day consultancy periods at £400 per day


Availability and preferred contact route

I prefer E mail for the initial contact and will respond within 24 hours.

Current availability status


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