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TenCate Offers Composite Material Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

This video presents an overview of the composite materials offered by TenCate Advanced Composites in the Aerospace industry. TenCate Advanced Composites is a leader in the aerospace industry—from launch vehicles to satellites to passenger and military aircraft, TenCate offers various solutions to the aerospace market. For the latest generation of launch vehicles, it provides a large structure with a low void using autoclave processing.

TenCate’s composite materials are used in place of metals like titanium in satellites—leading to weight and cost savings. High Modulus Carbon fibers make it possible to achieve the lightest weight and highest stiffness possible. On commercial aircraft, TenCate’s low dielectric materials are used for their impact resistance and flame resistance. TenCate offers electrically pure quartz composites for military aircraft owing to their ultimate mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties. Overall, materials from TenCate are used in various demanding aerospace applications due to their ideal properties.

Run Time – 2:32min

TenCate Advanced Composites aerospace market sector overview

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