TenCate’s Thermoplastic Composite Materials for Aerospace Applications

This video offers an overview of TenCate’s thermoplastic composite materials for automotive applications. With over 30 years heritage and a million parts in flight, TenCate Cetex thermoplastic composite materials have been utilized to manufacture lightweight aircraft, from aircraft interiors to aerostructures. TenCate offers thermoformable materials, which can be reshaped by melting and cooling, for aerospace applications.

The TenCate Cetex laminate materials are based on various polymer systems such as PPS, PEI, and PEEK resin types. These materials are used in structural and semi structural aircraft parts as well as interior applications. TenCate Cetex thermoplastic composite materials meet various aircraft material standards—as their chemical, mechanical and electrical properties fulfill the safety requirements. By combining carbon, glass, and aramid strands of material, with high-end polymers or resins, the composite materials can be customized according to the demands of the application. The latest aircrafts incorporate over 50% of composite materials, guaranteeing higher fuel efficiency. These materials offer excellent recyclability, and even retrieved raw materials can be reused in other demanding applications.

Run Time - 4:08min

TenCate Advanced Composite thermoplastic composites for aerospace

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