The 8400 Series Hall Effect Measurement System from Lake Shore Cryotronics

The 8400 Series Hall Effect Measurement System (HEMS) is Lake Shore Cryotronics latest addition to their range of HEMS that are used to characterize the electronic properties of semiconductors. In particular they are used to determine carrier type, density and mobility as well as their hall co-efficient.

Brad Dodrill tells us about the 8400 Series HEMS which uses a novel AC field measurement system that is about 1000 times more sensitive than DC systems. However, it can also perform DC measurements as well. It can measure mobilities in the range 10-3 to 106 V/s, resistances of 10μΩ to 200GΩ in the temperature range 12K to 1273K.

Some of the applications for the 8400 Series HEMS include:

  • Semiconductors for green energy applications
  • Photovoltaics
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Organic electronics

Run time - 3:16 min

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