ExxonMobil Chemicals Introduce Polymer Modifiers for the Rubber Industry

Elevast™ polymer modifiers for the rubber industry were introduced today by ExxonMobil Chemical. These new specialty hydrocarbon fluids may enable formulators to create innovative solutions for EPDM and polyolefin elastomer technical applications that require improved mechanical properties across a wide range of service temperatures.

Available globally, Elevast™ polymer modifiers are engineered to efficiently upgrade key elastomer performance attributes and processing. They are also synergistic with many ingredients commonly used in elastomer compounds. Products manufactured with Elevast™ may benefit from enhanced performance and extended product life, thereby improving opportunities to differentiate products and lengthen operating periods. Elevast™ polymer modifiers should help formulators reduce costs by optimizing accelerator, coagent and curing agent treat levels.

Useful in a range of EPDM applications

In laboratory testing, Elevast™ polymer modifiers improve polymer performance in applications ranging from wire and cable to automotive and industrial belts, weatherstrip, hoses and mechanical goods such as seals, gaskets and wiper blades.

“Elevast™ is a novel plasticizer for use by polyolefin elastomer formulators seeking to solve various technical problems. These versatile modifiers may elevate product performance across a wide range of operating conditions,” says David Dunaway, Elevast™ marketing manager. Potential performance benefits of Elevast™ include exceptionally low compression and tension set, enhanced rubber toughness and durability, and improved retention of mechanical properties at extreme temperatures, extending the useful life of fabricated parts.

“In addition to introducing exciting new opportunities to elevate product performance, Elevast™ polymer modifiers offer processing benefits that alone may justify their use,” adds Dunaway. Demonstrated processing benefits include improved flow characteristics, improved dispersion, and the ability to process high Mooney-viscosity materials and highly filled compounds. Additionally, using Elevast™ in a formulation may eliminate several technical challenges such as bloom, bleeding, fogging and iridescence.

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