PVC Ceiling Tiles Cure Sick Building Syndrome

When construction over the last several decades resulted in buildings that are tightly sealed, it also resulted in a lack of adequate ventilation for acoustical ceiling tiles, leading to moisture buildup - the root cause of mold and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Around for less than 100 years, the real problems with drop ceilings with porous (acoustical) ceiling tiles are only just coming under scrutiny by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Reports generated by the EPA indicated that indoor levels of pollutants are often higher or significantly higher than outdoor levels - nearly 100 percent higher. The EPA links sick buildings to an estimated loss of $61 billion a year from employee absenteeism, medical costs, reduced productivity and lower earnings.

Toxic mold and volatile organic compounds - found in the chemicals used to manufacture and prepare many building materials - can make toxic materials of varying potency. Moisture levels and temperature contribute to evaporation of chemicals into the air and when structures are improperly built or ventilated, indoor air develops toxicity, aside from the issue of growth of bacteria in the porous ceiling tiles. Speedy, poor construction and improper landscaping or water drainage, along with a lack of education about materials and ventilation and adherence to proper building standards, and a workforce unskilled in proper maintenance are frequently associated with mold problems.

PVC ceiling tiles address the issues associated with porous ceiling tiles:

  • Decreasing SBS and the contributing factors of bacterial, mold and mildew growth
  • 100% Waterproof so will not water stain
  • Will not bow, bend, sag, or warp
  • Easy to maintain using soap and water
  • Easy to install - available in standard sizes and cuts easily

Said New Ceiling Tiles' President Jerry Wilhite, "Often the issues from moisture are clearly visible - the result of a leak. Cleaning ceiling tiles is only superficial at best and is only good for one side, with effects of the surface cleaning lasting for only 30 days or so. What's important to note is that ceiling tiles can have mildew, mold and bacteria long before damage is observed. Chances are that by the time signs are visible, mold, mildew and bacteria have already grown in the tile and are already being circulated by the ventilation system."

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