Invibio's PEEK Polymer Biomaterial Chosen for Infusion Therapy Application

Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, a worldwide leading provider of high-performance biomaterials to the medical device market, announces that Fresenius Kabi, a leading provider of infusion therapies and clinical nutrition headquartered in Germany, has specified PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio for the development of an implantable port access system.

Implantable port access systems consist of an access (port) that is placed directly under the skin in the chest or upper arm, and a thin, soft plastic tube (catheter) made from polyurethane or silicone connecting the port directly with the vein, artery or peritoneal space. Implanted port systems are used in medium and long-term applications e.g. drug delivery, blood sampling, and intravenous nutrition applications to allow repeated access for chemotherapy, pain management, haematology, and internal medicine treatment.

The Ambix Intraport CP, from Fresenius Kabi, is a completely implantable port catheter system which is used for the vascular or spinal introduction of medicines as well as for parenteral nutrition. The use of proven, reliable materials ensures simple and secure access. After implantation, the system remains in the body for up to five years.

Fresenius Kabi selected high performance PEEK-OPTIMA polymer for the housing and the supporter ring due to its unique combination of biocompatibility, mechanical properties and processing capabilities. PEEK-OPTIMA is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, which is critical in chemotherapy applications. Additionally, it is resistant to stress cracking, which is a process that can occur on extended exposure to liquids, as can be expected through repeated access of the port.

As they can be processed by injection moulding, PEEK-OPTIMA-based ports are more easily manufactured compared to those using materials such as titanium or ceramics. Furthermore, the design freedom and the low weight allow for patient-friendly shaping and optimum patient comfort. The ideal imaging properties of PEEK-OPTIMA support the use of the system with X-ray, CT and MRI imaging techniques without generating interference or scatter.

It is these advantages, among others, which make PEEK-OPTIMA polymer the preferred material for the development of a wide range of implanted medical devices and applications requiring blood, bone or tissue contact of more than 30 days. PEEK-OPTIMA is used in such products for markets including spine, arthroscopy, dental, pharmaceutical, cardiovascular and orthopaedics.

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