Bayer and Adidas Reveal Championship Ball for UEFA EURO 2004

With the upcoming European Soccer Championship, UEFA EURO 2004, which kicks off on June 12 in Portugal, Bayer have brought out the new Roteiro, the official match ball for the championship. It will be on display at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair.

The Roteiro was named after the log book used by Vasco da Gama, the global explorer and was developed jointly by Bayer and Adidas.

The soccer ball is constructed from high-tech materials. The surface consists of a high solid polyurethane coating from the Bayer Impranil® range. This provides an abrasion resistant outer layer that also provides very low water absoroption. A new thermal bonding process developed by Adidas produces a seamless surface which results in constant accuracy and balance in flight.

The surface is also easy to print on, providing almost unlimited design freedom.

Beneath the surface, an elastic layer of Impranil syntactic polyurethane foam is used. This consists of evenly-sized, extremely elastic and highly resilient gas-filled microcells. This is encased in a composite of multiple polyurethane layers, which are in turn applied to a textile fabric.

For more information on polyurethane, click here.

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