Injection Moulding Machines from Stork Break into US Market

Stork Plastics Machinery B.V., leading Dutch manufacturer of high speed injection molding machines, has appointed Mr. Tony Thompson as it's Sales Manager for North America. Mr. Thompson's 25 years of experience in the industry combined with the unique advantages Stork has to offer, will be a great benefit for U.S. and Canadian molders.

Stork Plastics Machinery B.V. has built a respected name with producers of consumer and industrial packaging in Europe. Stork builds high speed injection molding machines up to 1550 tons with a product range that is highly flexible and focused on customers of rigid packaging.

Today's injection molding machines for packaging are often part of a production cell. This has lead to a company philosophy that the injection molding machine will not be the bottle neck.

Whether it concerns IML or 2 component solutions the company has a proven track record and after a careful investigation of the North American market, the company is ready to move into this demanding area here. The robust machine design and easy machine control will be greatly appreciated and will ensure high productivity. Providing quality local service is also key and this has already been put in place.

At K 2007 Stork impressed the market with a S+ 6600-8650: 8+8 stackmold (supplied by Stacktec) running at 3.8 sec. (clamping force 730 tons). Also introduced at K was Stork's new high speed S+ machine, available in the range of 110 tons up to 1550 tons. These machines are mainly used for the production of pails and buckets, thin-wall packaging products, flowerpots, crates, caps and closures and CD/DVD jewel boxes.

Stork has been producing injection molding machines for 40 years, but so far has been marketing its products primarily in Europe. As part of a broader strategy it has designated North America as one of its potential markets for expansion. In order to comply with U.S. market requirements Stork has adapted its specifications of the equipment accordingly.

Stork is actually bringing the technology back to where it once started. In the late sixties Stork produced its first injection molding machines via a license of U.S. Reed Corporation.

Now over 40 years later there are still elements of the original equipment design that prove the quality of its origins. This, combined with the latest technology in hydraulics, controls, hybrid drives and special platen designs for multi-cavity thin wall products, has proven that Stork injection molding machines perform at the high end of the market.

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