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Yara International Commission Design and Construction of a Urea Plant

The Dutch company Yara Sluiskil B.V., part of the Norwegian chemicals group Yara International ASA, has commissioned Uhde to design and build a major urea plant at its production site in Sluiskil (Zeeland Province), near the third-biggest Dutch port city of Terneuzen, as part of a turnkey plant project. The contracts for this project were signed in Sluiskil on June 25, 2008.

Yara Sluiskil is investing some €400 million in the project, which not only comprises the new urea plant, but also important modernisation of existing facilities such as the granulation unit, the liquid fertiliser unit and the steam system. With a capacity of 3,500 tonnes of urea solution a day, the new urea plant is one of the biggest of its kind and will come on steam in 2011.

"The new plant by Uhde will increase the value added of our production at Sluiskil, providing a secure future for our customers and our region combined with environment-friendly technology which will result in better energy efficiency and higher CO2 utilisation," said Marc van Hijfte, General Manager of Yara Sluiskil, during the contract signing ceremony.

"This project for one of our most renowned fertiliser producers once again underscores the excellent reputation enjoyed by Uhde in this sector and marks the next chapter in our long and successful relations with this company," said Klaus Schneiders, Chairman of Uhde's Executive Board.

The urea plant, which will be based on a process licensed by Dutch-based Stamicarbon, will expand Yara's urea solution production capacity at one of its biggest European sites for the production of ammonia and nitrogenous fertilisers. Part of the product will be used to produce, for instance, Adblue, i.e. an aqueous urea solution already used as a reducing agent in the exhaust emission control devices (NOx reduction) of various commercial vehicles, such as heavy goods vehicles and buses.

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