Dow Polyurethanes to Showcase Latest Technical Developments

Dow Polyurethanes, a business group within The Dow Chemical Company, will highlight its latest technical developments in natural oil-based polyols, rigid foams for automotive applications, polyurethane foams for construction, blowing agents for the appliance industry and other innovations in polyurethane chemistry at the upcoming Polyurethanes 2008 Technical Conference (CPI) in San Antonio, Texas, September 29 through October 1.

Dow technical specialists will present ten papers that illustrate Dow’s development of cost-effective, technologically-advanced processes and products that support the advancement of sustainable chemistry while helping customers succeed.

“As the polyurethanes industry continues to grow and evolve, Dow Polyurethanes maintains its commitment to innovation. We are constantly developing new approaches and better process technologies to increase the efficiency and competitiveness our products. We are glad to have this opportunity to discuss with other attendees at CPI ways in which polyurethanes manufacturers can best support the industry and their customers,” says Douglas Warner, business director for Dow Polyols, a business unit of Dow Polyurethanes.

Dow will present technical papers in the following categories during the CPI technical conference:


  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential Polyurethane Chemistry and Equipment Technology for the Commercial Appliance Market


  • Fast Cycle Time Low Density Automotive NVH Solutions with Excellent Acoustic Properties
  • Matching Polyurethane Foam to Substrate and Skin Materials to Optimize Performance of Automotive Instrument Panel Composite Parts

Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers

  • Polyurethane Elastomers Based on 1,3 and 1,4-Bis (Isocyanatomethyl) Cyclohexane


  • Comparison of Blowing Agent Performance in Isocyanurate Foams Used in the Production of Rigid Faced Continuous Panels

Flexible Foam

  • Compression Recovery of Viscoelastic Foams
  • Next Generation Polyols for Viscoelastic Foams with Improved Performance and Processing Latitude

Natural Oil-Based Polyols

  • The Measurement of Renewable Content in Natural Oil-Based Polyols and Foams
  • Advances in the Development of RENUVA™ Technology-based Polyols for Molded Foam Applications
  • Development of Natural Oil-Based Polyols for Viscoelastic Foams Using RENUVA™ Technology

Dow will also sponsor two technical sessions – “Smart Business, Smart Marketing: Green Goes Mainstream” and “Automotive Renewables” – as well as co-sponsor the Industry Reception to be held on the first night of the conference.

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