Malvern Instrument Morphologi G3 Receives Gold Award For Analytical Instrument Industrial Design

Malvern Instruments' Morphologi G3 has won Instrument Business Outlook's 2008 Gold Award for analytical instrument industrial design.

The Morphologi G3 is an automated particle characterization system that provides high quality, statistically significant particle size and shape information. The IBO Design Awards are given annually and according to the organizers “the Morphologi G3's innovative industrial design clearly distinguishes it by creating an appealing visual appearance and enhanced end-user experience”

Ulf Willén, Malvern’s Product Manager for Analytical Imaging Systems, said, “This is tremendous recognition for the team at Malvern who worked so hard on the design and development of the Morphologi G3. All the work was done in house and I would very much like to add my congratulations to everyone involved.”

Explaining some of the challenges faced in developing the system, Ulf Willen said, “For particle characterization using microscopy-based techniques there are a number of critical factors that determine the usability of the technique and the reliability of the results. Sample dispersion and automation are key issues. The idea behind the Morphologi G3 was to make sample dispersion an integral part of the system, maximise the degree of automation, and minimise the manual, user-dependent controls and settings on the instrument. The industrial design had to both reflect this, and was also limited by these requirements.”

The Morphologi G3 delivers microscope quality images and delivers statistically significant data through the rapid analysis of hundreds of thousands of particles with little or no user intervention. As indicated above, good sample preparation is a critical requirement and a major development is the novel fully integrated dry powder dispersion system. Precise software control of all dispersion parameters ensures highly reproducible dry powder dispersions with consistent and controlled particle orientation across a broad range of samples.

Full automation of the Morphologi G3, using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) eliminates any user bias inherent in manual microscopy methods, and SOPs allow straightforward method development and easy electronic transfer. Automatic calibration, conformance to 21CFR part 11 requirements and the availability of full IQ/OQ documentation ensure that the system is accurate and repeatable and all data is secure and validated.

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