BASF Showcase New Innovations at Glasstec 2008 Achieving Higher Yields and Profitability

BASF’s patented technology enables new temperature-measurement applications that haven’t been practical before,” said Don Watson, General Manager, Temperature Sensing, at BASF. “Now the glass industry can measure yield-critical points in the process, to gain new insights to optimize their operations and achieve higher yields and profitability”.

The Company’s high-performance optical thermometer and contact thermocouple technologies offer precise temperature measurement with unique capabilities. The new products include solutions for

Blank mould temperature measurement
The Exactus® GM-100 blank mould optical temperature measurement system allows container manufacturers to understand and minimize the thermal variation in the blank mould. The reduction in variation and ability to establish an optimum blank mould temperature can ultimately increase product quality and yield through open or closed-loop control of the cooling air. Furthermore, reduced energy consumption is possible if variable frequency drives are used to adjust the blower speed.

Gob temperature measurement
BASF Exactus optical thermometers provide critical glass gob information, measuring temperature along the falling gob’s entire length and outputting an average reading. Exactus thermometers can also identify changes in gob length and indicate when one gob falls sooner than another. The result: Deeper insight into what is occurring in the gob-forming process. This insight can be a powerful tool to decrease downtime, speed changeovers, improve yield, and increase profitability. For example, the gob temperature measured by Exactus thermometers has been used as the main process variable in a closed-loop control scheme which increased yield and decreased gob weight fluctuation.

Fiberglass spinner disc temperature measurement
Exactus thermometers can quantify the amount of thermal variation around the circumference of the disc, which provides insight on the condition of the disc. Operators use this data for signal monitoring or closed-loop control of the spinner disc temperature. The thermometers can easily detect the changes that occur as the spinner disc approaches end-of-life -- taking the guesswork out of disc replacement.

Additional BASF products on display at glasstec 2008 bring advanced temperature-sensing technology to other glass manufacturing applications, including forehearth, crown, fiberglass stream and fiberglass bushing.
BASF will also display their system of advanced obscuration enamels and silver inks designed to meet requirements around the world for automotive glass coating applications. The BASF coating system can be used globally because it is designed to provide superior performance for all key parameters.

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