New Generation of Quick Connectors made from BASF High-Temperature Resistant Polyamide

A semi-aromatic, high-temperature resistant polyamide, Ultramid® T KR4357 G6, is being employed in a new application. The A Raymond company, an international supplier of fastening systems for the automotive industry headquartered in France, is now using this specialty (PA6/6T) from BASF for its quick connectors for fuel pipes.

These are connectors that can be fitted with or without an outflow barrier. Almost every renowned car and truck manufacturer in Europe uses these quick connectors. Such exacting small parts are produced by means of high-precision injection molding.

These unassuming parts, weighing a mere 15 grams, must be highly resistant to fuel and zinc chloride at temperatures in the exposure range of up to 130°C [266°F]. A special advantage of Ultramid T KR in this application is not only its low tendency to creep but also its outstanding combination of stiffness and toughness, which means it can withstand the impact of flying stones. These properties place this plastic distinctly above conventional polyamide 6.6 and also allow it to replace PA 12.

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