New Solid State Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope under Development at Innalabs

Innalabs Holding Inc., a leading researcher and manufacturer of inertial systems and sensors for aviation, land and marine applications, is developing new solid state Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope with advanced parameters of Bias Stability, Random Walk in normal environmental conditions and temperature range as well.

The new Gyro’s Bias Stability equals 0.03 deg/hr and Random Walk is 0.003…0.005 deg/vh at Normal Environmental Conditions. At the same time during Temperature Gradient [-40 to +50]°C CVG-43 shows Bias stability (Allan Variance) of 0.1 deg/hr and 0.01 deg/vh Random Walk. The new Innalabs® CVG-43 specifications are even better than CVG-25 ones.

CVG-43 doesn’t change its accuracy after shock and vibration up to 20,000g as well as CVG-25. They are ideal for severe operation conditions like high shocks, large electromagnetic fields, and vibrations, and suitable for various applications, including land vehicle control, remotely operated vehicles, avionics systems, borehole surveying in oil drilling (MWD), missiles, naval equipment, platform stabilization, robotics, etc.

Innalabs’ representative said the new Gyroscope is on final development stage. The first CVG-43 run will be manufactured at the near future after all necessary testing procedures.

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