New Possibilities for Decorating Automotive Windows and Creating Unique Effects

The graphical potential of automotive windows has always tempted designers – who have seen glazing as a blank canvas – to let their creativity flow. Now, SABIC Innovative Plastics offers a completely new approach to decorating windows that opens up fresh, new colorful designs with brand styling differentiation possibilities. Exatec* E900 Grafx technology, which features Lexan* polycarbonate (PC) film, allows for the creation of unique styling colors and effects like today’s trendy chrome- and metallic-look body color paints. SABIC Innovative Plastics offers global automotive OEMs and tiers the broadest glazing portfolio, the highest standards of quality, and unmatched innovation.

According to John Madej, president of SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Exatec glazing arm, “SABIC Innovative Plastics has the answers to new design and manufacturing challenges facing automotive engineers. Exatec offers the largest array of custom automotive glazing technologies for base resins, wet and plasma coatings, defroster, printing, bonding, and molding, as well as value-added application design and predictive engineering. Today’s announcement of Exatec E900 Grafx technology continues in the tradition of offering our customers the tools and expertise they need to create distinctive and stylish auto glazing.”

Molding in gorgeous graphics

Exatec E900 Grafx technology makes use of film insert molding, which is being used for the first time on Lexan polycarbonate (PC) automotive glazing applications in which a piece of pre-printed (usually reverse-printed) film is formed, cut and inserted into the mold cavity. Lexan resin is then injection molded behind the film to encase the graphics in a solid piece of glazing such as a roof top, backlight, rear quarter and extra windows. The E900 Grafx system is ideal for high-impact color effects, logos and brand differentiation.

Furthermore, easy running-change in graphics is facilitated because the process only involves a new printing screen, so branding and model differentiation is made easy at a lower cost and higher efficiency. The ability to utilize the broadest pallet of colors and effects is in high demand to global OEM designers to help bring their brands to life.

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