Silicone Coatings and Lubricants Make Driving a More Pleasurable Experience

Innovative silicone-based coatings and lubricants from Dow Corning are helping to make your daily car commute a lot quieter. These anti-friction coatings and lubricants for the automotive industry offer maintenance-free, permanent lubrication for interior surfaces with low speed and oscillating movements, and in addition, provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Anti-friction coatings work by minimizing the “squeak and rattle” effect caused in vehicles when interior moving parts rub against each other intermittently, thus greatly reducing the interior noise levels and making your ride more comfortable.

In pistons and piston rings, these coatings minimize noise, provide scuffing resistance and improve gas mileage. In addition they help in minimizing emissions. Coatings applied onto the camshaft and tappets provide increased performance and reduced wear during engine run-in and cold starts. Coated exhaust manifold gaskets are used to eliminate the “ping” in exhaust systems.

Anti-squeak coatings on door panels eliminate the squeak caused by friction between the car door and its interior trim panel. Coatings also provide abrasion resistance and judder-free movement to the wiper blade assembly.

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