Lighter Crash Helmets that Offer Increased Levels of Protection

A material that offers increased crash protection in a reduced package has been selected by Stand 21 for its latest range of IVOS race helmets. Requiring 67 percent less density, ARPRO improves safety by providing superior impact-resistance and energy absorption.

“With ARPRO, we decreased the material density in our helmets from 52 g/l to 35 g/l without any detriment to safety performance,” explains Gerald Bonnet, Head of Research and Development at Stand 21. “And in terms of service, supply and engineering expertise we found JSP very proactive.”

ARPRO’s extremely high strength-to-weight ratio is particularly beneficial in automotive and motorsport safety; withstanding multiple impacts without significant deformation and returning to its original shape following dynamic stress. The reduced density allows a more practical helmet and lighter loading on the drivers head. As a result the driver finds it easier and less tiring to race and control a car.

“With IVOS weighing only 1.3kg, compared to 1.5kg for a competitor helmet made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), Stand 21 is staying with ARPRO,” adds Bonnet.

“ARPRO has proven itself the safety market-leader and there is no better place to test it than the race helmet,” explainsPaul Compton, JSP’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Europe. “From IRL, to NASCAR and WRC, ARPRO is being applied to an ever wider range of vehicle occupant and safety challenges.”

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