NexTech Materials Introduce New Hydrogen Sensor

NexTech Materials is pleased to announce the launch of its new hydrogen sensor. Designed for hydrogen safety monitoring, this ceramic sensor exhibits a highly sensitive, selective, and rapid response to the presence of hydrogen in ambient air. Prototype sensors have been delivered to strategic partners for validation testing of this revolutionary device. NexTech will begin filling production orders in the fourth quarter of this year.

The NexTech sensor features a compact, rugged design and waterproof connector, and employs a revolutionary chemi-resistive ceramic sensing technology for very reliable hydrogen detection. It accurately measures hydrogen concentrations over a wide range of temperature and humidity variation and provides a repeatable response, even in the presence of other combustible gases. Additionally, the NexTech Hydrogen Sensor is immune to signal saturation upon continuous exposure to low levels of hydrogen, and recovers rapidly and completely upon hydrogen removal, enabling safe generation, distribution, and utilization of hydrogen in wide range of advanced energy and traditional applications.

Field testing of beta prototype sensors is in progress with two companies, both of which are commercializing devices utilizing PEM fuel cells as battery replacements. Target markets include stationary and mobile fuel cell applications, distributed hydrogen generation systems, lead acid battery monitoring, semiconductor fabrication, and many other industrial users of hydrogen gas.


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