Packaging Designed for Use in Microwave Ovens

Development of packaging for the food industry inevitably includes developments in microwaveable packaging due to the popularity of microwavable products. Developing packaging for optimum food quality and safety requires an understanding of product geometry and ingredient technologies as well as a knowledge of application of relevant technology and experimental design.

Development of packaging and products for microwave ovens from Woodhead Publishing provides a comprehensive review of this area of development covering a wide variety of topics from the flavours and colours in foods through to microwave properties of metals and shielding devises. An investigation into microwave packaging materials and design considers how material choice drives design and measurement methods for susceptors in microwave packaging. Active packaging is also examined in terms of its effect on microwavable foods.

The book incorporates practical considerations such as regulatory issues in microwave packaging and microwave oven safety considerations. The advantage of owning this title is further reinforced by the inclusion of computational examples for modelling microwave heating in foods.

Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, Development of packaging and products for use in microwave ovens is a valuable resource for those in the food and packaging industries.

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