New Web Site for Architectural Glazing and Photovoltaics

Solutia Inc. (NYSE: SOA) today announced the launch of , a redesigned web site for its Saflex business unit designed to improve communication with the automotive and architectural glazing industries and with solar module makers in the photovoltaic industry. The newly launched website will debut at the Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers conference (JSAE) in Tokyo, Japan this week.

Reinforcing its strong heritage as the world leader in protective interlayers for laminated glass, the new Saflex website offers a broad view of the various benefits and possibilities available using Saflex brand polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers to improve the properties of architectural and automotive glass. Saflex PVB interlayers, when laminated between layers of glass, greatly enhance the performance characteristics of the resulting glazing unit, providing benefits such as safety, security, sound attenuation, weight reduction and aesthetics. The expanded Photovoltaic section includes new information about Saflex PVB encapsulant solutions for solar module manufactures, including product offering information and frequently asked questions.

"The new and improved Saflex website is a remarkable new resource for glass fabricators, engineers, architects and consumers," said Aimee Davis, global marketing communications manager of Saflex. "The site is designed so that users can easily and intuitively explore and understand basic and advanced glazing solutions featuring Saflex interlayer technology."

Visitors to the website can access information based on their market interest and the corresponding solution they desire from laminated glazing. Automotive engineers, for example, can investigate the benefits of weight and noise reduction that Saflex Q series advanced acoustic technology brings to laminated glazing through the new environment section on the site. Architects and designers can also create custom color glazing options online in the new Vanceva(R) Color Studio. Visitors can also visualize their custom color creation on a building facade or interior application before placing their sample order.

"Time is a valuable commodity," said Wing Kwang, global automotive business director for Saflex. "By creating a truly customer-centric, solutions-driven website, quickly and easily gives our customers access to specific information that leads them to solutions that meet their design requirements. This is possible as a result of our extensive knowledge of the markets we serve."

Following the launch, will continue to be updated with new features. Several upgrades are planned, including a password-protected section for customers and multi-language functionality.

With 80 years of experience in developing glass interlayers, Saflex is the world's leader in production and sales of PVB interlayers, and is known as the global leader in PVB quality, service and reliability. For more information, please visit:

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